Data saver needs to be returned

Please bring back the data saver option. My data usage has gone through the roof!!! My tv(roku) does NOT have any type of data streaming option. Since it’s a roku tv the apps do NOT have any streaming quality options either. You’re data saver was the ONLY way to regulate streaming. This is so very frustrating. This was a very much needed service option.

I have invited you to the Data Saver Feature Experiment, which is at least as good as Video Data Extender, and will assume that this solves your problem unless you report back here that it does not.

What is the data saver experiment, how do I get in on this?

Right. I would love to get in on that extender thing myself. I have the 500GB plan. I had to buy so much extra data. Had an $838 bill this last bill. I would love to get in on this experiment too. I even got the streaming box add on to try to help!

We are hoping to announce it publicly soon but for now we can invite you privately. @Gregorio can you invite @mariahrpaynter as well as the others who have asked.

Yes please invite me to participate. I filled out the form and awaiting the invitation. Thanks!

Hi @whipperin11 - I have added you to the experiment. Please create a new thread in this group if you have any questions or feedback on your experiences! Thank you, Cat