Scams galore/ data and gift card

I’ve had Viasat for five years now, though my previous plan was in my ex husbands name. I always had a lower data plan, and had to buy more data on occasion. A few months ago, I switched the account into my name as he no longer lives here. Since that time…my bill has escalated to $350 a month despite the fact that I got a higher data plan. My data is disappearing like crazy. The other day, I bought 30gb, watched one movie with my kids, and went to work the next day. While at work I got a text that I’d used 90% of my data. Like, what??? I am the only adult in the house, my kids don’t have devices, we don’t game, and I absolutely use far less data than we have ever used before.

Also, even though I submitted the form on time…I never received the $300 gift card I was promised at sign up, and when I called in I’ve been told it’s “my fault” I never got it. This company is absolute bulls*it and preys on people is my opinion at this point. NO ONE should pay $350 a month for basic internet.

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Hi @aehunley,

Thank you for posting on the forum. I’m sorry that you have had such a bad experience with Viasat so far. In terms of your data disappearing, do you give me permission to look into your data usage? If so, I see which devices and applications are using up your data.

My team does not deal with billing and account issues directly, but I will reach out to the team that does and have them take a look to see if they can find what happened to your gift card.


Yes you have my permission to check my data and my permission to reach out to billing as customer service keeps telling me there “is no billing department”….interesting huh

Hi @aehunley,

Which day specifically did you go to work and then receive that text the next day? If you give me a specific date, I can see which devices and applications used up your data.


I’d have to look at when I bought 10mb of data it was that day and the day after.

The BS will not stop. Viasat started stealing data on April 1 and hasn’t quit. They “willl Look into it”

Hi, @David_Gruskin,

I just noticed we ended up not giving you the usage report when you mentioned the unknown 2GB/day usage, sorry for that. I think that happened because you started with the data saver and perhaps we thought your usage issues would be solved.

I saw your last post on this topic, and I’m going to get your usage report for the last and the current billing cycle and send you a direct message.

The My Viasat team is working on making the app better regarding the usage information, but in the meantime we can send you the data we have access to.

No solution and this is STILL happening. Came back from vacation and 70% of my data is gone??? This is such a rip off.

Public note to admins - it looks like we are working this issue in this other topic: Data usage is INSANE