Disappointed Data Extender

Unfortunately, I feel sick that Viasat continues to let it’s rural customers down. I’ve had the service for 2 years now. It is our location’s only option, like many rural mountain communities. The loss of data extender has impacted my ability to even be able to keep Viasat as an option at the end of my contract. Just in the two years Viasat has taken away many options within the app that the customer could access and now is moved into the Viasat Shield app which you have to pay for as an add on. Now, losing another app option, data extender, which was truly the last useful option within the app, has made my data increase and makes using this Viasat service unnecessarily stressful on a monthly basis. Paying 300 per month for 150 GBs and a load of anxiety just isn’t worth it.

Then to portray that there is a definite fix to this by telling the customers to adjust within apps is ridiculous. I have Roku TVs. I can only adjust resolution settings in certain apps however multiple popular streaming apps like HBOMax and Hulu do not allow for adjustment on a Roku TV. So, all Hulu shows are played in 4k with zero options to adjust.

I also want to add that I no longer have the capability to view previous months data usage in the app, nor have I been able to connect to the chat support option.

Ultimately, i feel sick and taken advantage of by a corporate bully.

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@Rbailsey We are very sorry for your bad experience. We are actively trying to figure out some solution for HBOMax and Hulu when on Roku TV. We will report back here but you can also follow this thread where another user reported this: High Data Usage - #31 by Peter.

Also, as we have posted on the other “Bring Back Data Extender” type threads on this forum, we are actively working to figure out if there is anything that can be done about this.

Lastly, about your inability to view previous months data usage, we will ask the apps team using your account specifically on why this might not be working.

Thank you for your response. I do hope that there can be a solution to this. I live alone and paying nearly 300 per month for the allotted Data is stressful. That gives me less than 7GB per day to be able to utilize in a month. I hope there can be a quick fix to these struggles.

Also, in regards to the monthly data view. The drop down box is greyed out where i could normally view previous months usage including this months. So i can’t select anything in the drop down box.

I had to pay an extra 55$ in the month of April to increase my data allotment due to data extender not being available and not even being notified that this had changed.

Hi @Rbailsey, could you please send us a screenshot of this? We will share it with the team that manages the app, so that they can work to fix it.


Just a suggestion as we are facing the same issues - March? A new 500gb $299 came out. You might want to explore changing plans.

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Thanks for sending the screenshot.

Same problems. Viasat could care less about rural customers. Better service on an airplane.

I have yet to receive any solutions to any of the issues I noted above. This has prompted me to make my moves to Starlink. MY equipment is on the way and I’ve already been upgraded from best effort plan to the residential plan. I am looking forward to a more reliable and affordable service. After being financially raped out of $7,000 in 2 years of shitty internet service.


Hi @Rbailsey

We’ve escalated your case to the Apps team - once they’ve updated us we’ll let you know asap.

Regarding the issue you and @lebaronrb reported, we understand how frustrating it can be to lose a feature like the data extender, and as @Peter reported, we’re currently looking into what can be done as we acknowledge all of the comments made regarding this situation. We are very sorry about the bad experience this has caused, and we hope we can bring good news soon.


@Rbailsey we are sorry to see you go and to hear about your bad experience.

@lebaronrb when you say you have the same problems do you mean with the MyViasat app or is it that you miss the way that Video Data Extender helped you limit your data consumption from streaming video?

Absence of data extender is the problem.

Also not being able to rollover any unused data. That’s expensive data I paid for, and it’s really weird that it disappears.

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@Rbailsey if you switch to the web version at www.my.viasat.com (as opposed to the app), is it also greyed out?