Worst Service Ever

I have a new Sleep Number bed and it will not connect to this service. It is NOT the bed. Worked fine with AT&T, but not this terrible service. My Roomba will not connect either. I’ve called numerous times but my calls keep dropping. It is NOT a Verizon problem. There are times my calls won’t connect at all using WIFI calling. What is wrong with your service?? I was definitely sold a bill of goods with this service!!

Hi, @DeeW,

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Hi, @DeeW,

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Does that connectivity issue also affect other devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.)?

Another question: do those devices never connect to the network, or is it an intermittent problem (sometimes they connect, and other times not)?

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Phones connect, laptops connect, TV connects. Seems if I have to go through an app, it doesn’t connect… like Sleep IQ and the Roomba app. Both were fine with AT&T.

These devices never connected.

Okay, I see.

The smartphone connects to the internet, but the apps “Sleep IQ” and “Roomba” are not able to work somehow.

Do those apps show any error messages? What exactly happened to them?

Sleep IQ can’t even find the wifi.
Roomba just says unable to connect.

Now my laser printer won’t connect!!!

Hi, @DeeW,

Since other devices can connect normally to the internet, it’s hard to say why those specific apps won’t.

Did you try to follow these instructions for Sleep IQ?

They also have an online support here: https://www.sleepnumber.com/pages/contact-us

It may be helpful to try out these troubleshooting steps from Roomba too:

You can also try contacting Roomba’s customer care: Contact iRobot Customer Care

About the printer, was it connected before and then lost connection? What is the equipment model/manufacturer?

Hi @DeeW,

This is me replying in your original thread. Did you try Anderson’s suggestion?

I also have a few additional questions for you:

  • How many devices do you currently have connected to your Viasat Wi-Fi? And what is the total number of devices you are trying to connect?
  • How far from your Viasat modem are these devices that can’t connect?