Wired Great, Wireless Non-Existent

We have been satisfied with our Viasat connectivity for over two years. Recently we seem to have lost the ability to connect our phones, tablets or laptops wirelessly.

We have installed the Viasat browser and run the SpeedCheck on our wired Windows PC. It reveals no connection available for Wi-Fi Metrics.

Hi @ddanzkline ,

We are very sorry that you are experiencing this issue with your Wi-Fi, and we’ll help you troubleshoot it. Which of these scenarios happens when you try to connect your devices to the Wi-Fi?

  1. Your Wi-Fi connection does not appear at all when you try searching for your Viasat Wi-Fi network.
  2. You try connecting to your Wi-Fi network but get an error. If this is the case, please share a screenshot of the error.
  3. You connect to your Wi-Fi network successfully but cannot access websites or do anything.

Knowing which of these is happening will help us narrow down possible causes.