WIFI Slow again

I tested my WIFI 3 times and 12.1 MGBS Download is best I got out of the 3. And 3.1 MGBS UPLOAD.
I just paid my $226.00 bill for the month which is VERY HIGH but I was told I should be getting at least 30 MGBS and I’m No where near that every time I test my WIFI . This is an on going problem and I’m Sick of it. If is was at 20 MGBS that would be an improvement but it never is.
This needs to be repaired now or I will go back to HughesNet for a quarter of the price and a lot faster WIFI then 15 MGBS. Plus there advertising that they just sent up an new satellite for faster rural speeds.
I’m not going to sit at my desktop when ever I want to go on-line,
Re-Boot it you end again. I’m sick of this. And I’m sure, so are you?
I did reboot my modem as you asked and this is what I still get.
Matthew Kazmierski




12.1 Mbps