Wifi Calling not working

I use wifi calling thru tmobile almost exclusively. It works all day at work and the second I get home there’s nothing. I cannot get my phone (iphone 13 16.5) to switch to wifi calling even though it is online. This has happened for the last three days. I haven’t changed anything tmobile says it’s not them. my phone is updated, i have restarted and reset everything. it works fine on other networks.

is there a network setting i should change or that has changed recently that I can reset?

(it turned on the second i posted this. is there a reason it’s being unreliable?)

There are two users on this thread (Choppy, latent "Wi-Fi Calling" - #9 by Peter) on Verizon and one reports “choppiness” and the other just “lagginess” that he assumes is due to the geostationary satellite delay. And there is another forum user on ATT on this thread (Text messages and voicemail) who says he doesn’t always get texts and voice mails. But none of these report it just not working at all.

By the way, there might be something we can do in the way of a Feature Experiment to test some simple improvements to Wifi Calling. I’m not promising anything but if that’s something you four (@user7 @WhitingMS @rs_cook @sawman.mcc ) would be interested in potentially, then I could at least get started looking into it. Let me know.



sure i’m up for some potential improvements. it’s off again this morning, though it was working during the night.

(note, my voice calls are always with a lag though i just assume this is an unfixable.)

Ok thanks for your interest. I should know whether the idea is feasible or not within the next few days and will post back on it.


I would like to see improvements to my wi fi calling

I thought to share what fixed my issue . I eventually got rid of the issue by ejecting the SIM card and place it properly.

It happens to both of our phones, but, worth a try. Thanks