Where is the Data going?

Had no other options left, started with Viasat on 05.04.23 and up to today have used over 260 GB.
I do not know how 2 people can use that much with one of them being at work 10-12 hours a day?
And after reading the forum I am not along in wondering this issue. I am locked in for 2 years of this
or pay the breakup fee. WHY?

Hello @rgh13,

Sorry about this experience.

Is it ok if we take a look at your data usage? This will help us identify what exactly is consuming most of your data and allow us to provide a better recommendation.

Thank you,


Knock your self out if it doesn’t cost me anything more.

Hi @rgh13,

From May 1-May 25 it looks like your top consumer apps are:

  • YouTube (82 GB)
  • Amazon Video (74 GB)
  • Netflix (22 GB)

It also looks like YouTube is already streaming at less than 1 GB/hour, but Amazon Video and Netflix are consuming more per hour, up to 2GBs/hour, so it could be useful to lower the video quality on those 2 platforms to save data. I can see that you are using a Roku device, but is it a Roku Stick or a Roku TV? On Roku Sticks there are better setting available to optimize your data usage.


Still leave 82 GB, guess my toaster used that data.

They answer half of the question and call it solved. I am wondering if at&t owns this company. They miss lead everyone then make you pay for their BS…

Hi @RG_Hamill, sorry for the confusion, but are you the same user as @rgh13?

Afraid I am that sorrrrrry person who uses toooooo much data

We are happy to continue troubleshooting your issue, but since you are using a new forum account we will need to confirm your identity, I will send you a direct message.



Hello I just found this forum today I’ve been having this issue for over 3 years this year has been the worst $150 a month after 3 days my dad is done I live with my 18 year old who’s barely ever here she does not watch TV I don’t even watch TV I’ll try to watch a movie It takes 5 hours just to get through one because of the buffering anyway I just wanted to let you know I am getting contact my lawyer sometime this week I’m going to see if we can do a class action lawsuit I’m going to see what the lawyer says and I will keep everybody updated

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Data lol not dad.talk to text.

Hello @de_cee,

Sorry about this bad experience. Our team of engineers is happy to help you troubleshoot the technical issues you are reporting. I created this new topic (Buffering and data usage) to better keep track of your case.



Good morning I just want to say good luck to you you will get nothing done to fix the problem because to them it’s not a problem this is what you get when you have ViaSat. I’m on my third year was paying $150 a month and my data was gone within 6 days and I live alone. In those 6 days I would watch one or two movies which took about 5 hours to get through one of them because of the buffering and I’d watch a couple hours of the news each day which buffered continuously and that’s all my TV would allow which I don’t understand because when we had regular cable we would pay $150 a month and watch TV 24/7. It’s just another scam because they know they got us by the balls. Someday something better will come along it always does
Just give up complaining cuz they’ll just give you the runaround over and over and over again they will tell you it’s your data and give you receipts it’s all total BS.

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