What router do you use with your Viasat service?

Within the Forum we often recommend this Wi-Fi router to use along Viasat SB2+ Modems (TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router - Archer A6) as we know that it generally provides good Wi-Fi coverage for an average-sized home.

However, we’d like to hear from more users and learn about which router models have worked best and which ones haven’t been great.

If you have a minute please share your experiences so that we can improve our admin knowledge and to help other Viasat users.


As a customer I think as we have to pay big amounts for installation and service We should be entitled to free router along with modem just my opinion.


I plan to try the Netgear NightHawk R6700-AC1750, Will report once I get and check out for a few days

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Okay the router I bought has seem to of done the trick, My speeds have increased big time over using the standard modem Viasat uses…I would suggest many if they can find this router for cheap to invest into it :slight_smile: