Viasat Stream Hub Issues

I have been using the stream hub for a few months with no issue. Now, we can only watch programs that we previously watched after connecting the hub. For example, we watched The Lion King while the hub was working correctly but not The Little Mermaid. Now, it will play The Lion King all day long but spins and spins when trying to watch The Little Mermaid. When we disconnect the hub, we are able to watch anything we want. This problem has been happening consistently over the past three weeks. It sides not matter the time of day. It is happening 24/7. It is like the hub’s storage is full if that makes sense. I have reset literally everything: the modem, unplugged and reconnected the hub, the Firestick we use, etc. Nothing fixes it. We have tried from multiple devices and still no luck. The same exact thing happens and we are only able to watch previously watched content.

Hi @Klmeeks ,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you’ve encountered with the Viasat Stream Hub.
Other customers have reported similar challenges, prompting us to escalate the matter for a swift resolution.
As soon as updates on the case become available, I’ll let you know.


Thank you! We will be waiting to hear from you.

Is there no update yet?

Hi @Klmeeks

The fix for the recent Disney+ bug has been officially rolled out to all customers. :tada:

Could you please test your Stream Hub again, and let us know if you still experience any issues?

Thank you,

It seems to be working now. We are able to stream shows previously unwatchable.

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For public knowledge, closing this topic as the poster’s original issue has been solved.

If you have a similar issue, please start a new topic instead.