Viasat Special Offers

Weve been enjoying 500gb plan for $299 since I Stumbled upon it 3 mos ago. Previous plans were costing as much as $600 - but we do stream everything. 3. Tvs. 3 adults. One disabled adult son that internet is truly his lifeline to the world.

Finally - All good …until data saver removal. Daily consuption up nearly 50 percent and yes - resolution by device set to SD.

I Had to find alternative. Spark Big Blue. Selling ATT 4g5g home wireless internet for $99/mo. No data caps. We are in rural LA - a wide spot in road called Ethel. ATT TMobile Cox no service - hence why we went Viasat. With ATT sim cards and after adding VPN we are avg 145mbps down 46 up. 3-6 ms latency. Im talking gaming quality speeds.

So time to contact Viasat to close account before 11th.
Heres where I learned about the Special Offers:

  1. 500 gb for $250 a month
  2. 500 gb for $200 a month
  3. And this was the amazing deal. 500 gb per month for a whole year for just $99 per month

Cant seem to find these Specials online so you may need to call and ask for them. Ive read here on Forum about so many customers stressed due to increased data consuption - especically folks on fixed incomes - I wanted to let yall know ASAP. Good Luck

We have escalated this to the team who can help and we’ve asked them to message you directly. We will post back here publicly if and when this issue is resolved.

Thank you. I am still awaiting instructions on return of equipment.
If you can prompt that request I would appreciate.

Hi @RealJohnGault,

Just wanted to check in and see if you’ve received the equipment return instructions?


Thank you Cat. Nothing more than an email saying I would be receiving.
I have not yet.
Thank you!!

Hi @RealJohnGault,

I see that your disconnect became effective on May 12. I consulted with our billing team and they mentioned that on average it takes 2 weeks (from the effective disconnect date) for the box to arrive. So I would estimate that the box would arrive at some point in the week of May 29.

If you don’t receive it during that week, please let us know and we can take a look again.



Thank you. Box arrived today.

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Hi @RealJohnGault ,

thanks for letting us know! If you need help with anything else, just reach out again.