Viasat Shield showing no devices on network

I downloaded the Viasat Shield on my Iphone and it shows 0 devices connected. I use my Viasat modem in bridge mode and don’t use Viasat modem’s wifi. I use my routers wifi. Does this cause the app to show 0 connected devices?

Hi @tq288886 thanks for posting, please let us check with the Viasat Shield team, we hope to have an update soon.

Hi @tq288886 I heard back from the Viasat Shield team, and they confirmed your hypothesis - when your modem is in bridge mode you will only see the devices that are directly connected to the Viasat router, and not the ones using the third-party router.

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Is there anything specific you were trying to check? Maybe we can help you in some other way.

Thanks. I kind of thought so.

Not really. I have 58 devices on my Asus router and was trying to see what my son’s Ipad was using.

Got it. We could make an attempt to run a report to look into your account’s data usage per device, in case you are interested in that. If not, that’s ok too!



Thanks Nacho. I am good right now. Do you guys have a timeline on when the Viasat 3 comes online in the Fall. I want to be one or the first to jump on that Sat.

We’re also excited about Viasat-3 coming up soon! Let me check if I can find more details on it and share them with you.

Hi @tq288886, unfortunately I couldn’t get a date yet, but hopefully very soon! According to the latest news the launch window for the Americas VS-3 satellite opens on April 8. You can find more information on the VS-3 satellite constellation here.

Once I have a better answer for your question I’ll make sure to return to this thread and give you an update!



ViaSat 3 America’s launches at 7:30PM April 18th…