Viasat Sheild seems useless

I downloaded the Viasat Shield and Upgraded to the paid version of Viasat Shield Premium. There are 2 devices I don’t want to have access to my network so I paused the 2 devices (iPhones) but noticed it didn’t seem to make a difference as the devices were still able to use the WiFi and access the internet. I tried blocking the devices but same thing. There was no difference and devices still had full access to the WiFi. I tried rebooting my modem and still nothing worked. Am I doing something wrong or is the option to block devices from your network not functional and ultimately useless?

Hi @Bonjorbitch

Sorry for the slow reply, we were investigating your issue.

I’ve escalated this problem to the team that handles the Shield application and they’ve confirmed that you have 4 devices paused/blocked but one of those is still active regardless of the pause.

We’re taking a closer look at your modem to see what the cause of this issue might be, and I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update.

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Hi @Bonjorbitch

The Shield team was investigating your issue but we lost “contact” with your modem – I see that you’ve posted on another topic here about the cable being damaged :sweat_smile:

The service call for that issue is scheduled for February 6 from what I can tell, so we’ll have to wait until that’s over to continue the Shield investigation, as the modem is offline for now.

In the meantime, if you need any assistance with other technical issues, let us know.

Hi again @Bonjorbitch

From our investigation into your Viasat Shield, it looks like all your paused devices have come unblocked after the modem went offline due to the damaged cable.

Could you try blocking them again? We’d like to see if the paused devices continue using up data.