Viasat not comparable to Cox or OEC fiber

I have been with Viasat for years because I live in the country and satellite was all that was available. OEC and Cox fiber are installing in our area. I have compared their plans with my existing one and their speeds and pkg prices seem to be better. Why can’t Viasat compete with the speed/price offered by fiber companies. I would like to stay with Viasat, but the other companies are starting to look better.

Hi @PSmith2014, thanks for your post, we appreciate your loyalty as a customer! Our team of engineers usually focuses on technical troubleshooting so please give me some time to send an inquiry to our marketing team.

I hope to have an update soon, I will post it here when I do.



Hi @PSmith2014, someone from our Customer Loyalty team will be in contact with you via phone later today or tomorrow. Thanks!

Never received a message or voicemail from your department.

Hi @PSmith2014 ,

According to our system, we did reach out to you back in March. On that occasion, you were offered a plan change to Choice 50. Is this incorrect?