ViaSat Modem Config issue


I just had the ViaSat modem replaced last week & the replacement modem is configured differently than the old modem, therefore is not functional (not working) on our network.

The old ViaSat modem was connected to WAN 2 of the Cisco Router as a backup or 2nd Internet provider.
When the fiber Internet connection on WAN 1 went down, it would automatically fail over to WAN 2 which the ViaSat is connected to. When the fiber Interment came back online, the Internet connection would switch back over to the WAN 1 connection.

I troubleshot the new ViaSat modem & observed it is setup as NAT, it will assign a Private IP address of to a device connected to its RJ45 port. This will not work on our network.

I need for the new ViaSat modem to Assign a WAN IP (dynamic or static) address such as ( to the device connected to the RJ 45 port. Need NAT turned off.

How can we get this issue resolved?

Thank you

[admin’s notes: redacted private data]

Hi, @ecompantaz_vsat,

I’m checking that now, once I have some feedback I’ll let you know.



We just set your modem into bridge mode. It will take about 15 - 20 mins to take full effect since the modem has to go through reboot cycles.

Let me know when you confirm everything is working well again.


Hi, @ecompantaz_vsat,

Did you confirm if the issue was solved? Let us know if you need anything else.


Hi @ecompantaz_vsat

Were you able to successfully configure your modem after the team set it to bridge mode?

If you need any additional assistance, please let us know!

Hi, I just varified the ViaSat modem is now functioning correctly after reconfigured it to
“bridge mode”.

Thank you for your assistance.


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