Viasat is doing nothing about my internet going off every night now for 3 weeks for 3 to 5 hours at a time

Here’s the response I got 3 days ago and have heard not one word more from them since: You are currently using a Viasat satellite that will soon go out of service, and as a result you should have received communications about our process to migrate your account to a different satellite. However, there appears to have been a glitch on our system that labeled your account under the wrong satellite, so you didn’t receive the email communicating the need for this migration.

Our customer support team is working to fix the labels on your account within our system. Once this is complete (hopefully tomorrow) they will give you a call to schedule a free-of-charge technician visit to migrate your account to the new satellite.

Sorry about this inconvenience and thanks for posting, you helped us identify this issue.

Hi @willtommyjones ,

Please rest assured that we have not forgotten about your issue, your case is currently being followed up with our internal escalations, as we’re looking into what will be the best solution for this type of problem. Any updates will be posted to your original post.

We understand that waiting can be frustrating, but we’re thankful for your patience and understanding on the matter.


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