Viasat Hub not working

My disney + stopped working and it is my understanding that it goes through the Viasat hub so I rebooted the hub but still didn’t work. Totally unplugged the hub and now Disney+ works. Any ideas?

Hi @bagster

Could you please test streaming on Disney+ again (with the Hub plugged in), but this time from another device?

I couldn’t find any issues with your Hub or setup, but if other devices also show this problem (only able to use D+ with the Hub unplugged), then we’ll need to escalate your situation to the StreamOn team.

Nice to talk to you again Nathalia.
When Disney + was not working with the hub we tried it on 3 different devices and it failed on all of them. Now that we are not using the hub it works on those devices.

Hi @bagster

Likewise :smile:

Got it! I’m escalating your issue to the Stream Hub folks.
I’ll let you know as soon as they’ve identified what’s going on.

Also, I’ve written down the time in which our system no longer saw your Hub as active, in case any usage of Disney+ after that gets counted against your data cap.

Hi @bagster

The folks from the Stream Hub team replied that it’s not an issue with the Hub itself.

There have been no requests to the Hub, so it’s looking more like a local networking issue (something is preventing local connections to the application running on the modem).

The last transaction with the application on the modem was April 7th – has something changed in your setup between then and now?

Hi Nathalia,
The reason that there hasn’t been any activity on the hub for quite a while is because we don’t watch Disney+ very much. So that is not a dependable piece of data. We have not changed anything on the network so I don’t think that is the issue either. Right now I have it disconnected and powered down so I will power it back up again today and give it a try again and let you know the result.

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Hello again,
I powered it back up today and it still didn’t work so I rebooted the modem and now it seems to be working ok. I also tried it on about three different devices and it worked on all. Thanks for your help and for keeping track of the data we used while the hub was off line so we don’t get docked for it.
Take care,

Hi @bagster

Thanks for the feedback!

It must have been an issue with the modem’s communication; I’ll let the Stream folks know that rebooting solved this problem, so they can investigate further what caused it to begin with. :thinking:

You’re welcome! If you need additional assistance, let us know! :wink:

Hi again @bagster

One last question while we’re investigating the cause! :sweat_smile:

Prior to rebooting the modem, when you still had issues with the Hub, did you try accessing

I was not aware of that site so never used it. I just tried it and was presented with a security warning from FireFox and recommended that I do not go there. It stated that the site had an expired certificate. I went ahead to the site anyway and I can see that there is some valuable information there which I may check in the future if I have problems with the modem.

Hi @bagster

Ohh, good to know! Yes, that site is very useful for modem configurations :smiley:

The expired certificate is something we’re working on currently, related to our Wi-Fi Gateway modems.

I’ll ask the Stream team if this could be related to the Hub issues that we saw here.