Viasat Data usage

I have had buy double GB this month when we haven’t done anything different. We are gone all day so the only time we use it is at night for tv and two phone. It says that I used 33 Gb in one day. THATS CRAZY! And I bought 30 more GB last night and now it’s telling me that I’m all out again this morning. I need this fixed or I’m about to get rid of this service.

Hi @Maggie_Harrod, sorry about that experience. I will take a look into your account and hope to have an update soon.

Hello @Maggie_Harrod, our system shows that you purchased 185 GB of additional (Buy More) data in this billing cycle, does that sound accurate? How much Buy More data do you recall buying?

Also, is it ok if I run a report about your usage data? understanding your usage will help us identify any unusual data consumption and allow us to give a recommendation.



I don’t know about buying that much wow! And yes you can run whatever for the usage data. But I still don’t understand why 30 Gb ran out in less than 12 hrs.

I can’t just keep adding more every single day. And if I don’t buy more nothing will ever work.

It does sounds frustrating for data to run out that fast, I will go ahead and add a $39.99 credit to your account (for those last 30 GB you added last night).

I will also run that data usage report and will message again soon with a recommendation.

You’re gonna credit my account for 39.99 but are you going to give me the 30 GB? Because I know I didn’t use 30 GB from 9 last night until today.

I will credit the cost of the 30 GB, but the 30 GB will still remain available for you to use.

Hi @Maggie_Harrod,

It looks like most of your usage is real time entertainment (which means video streaming), so initially we can recommend for you to manually change the video quality in each of the streaming platforms you use. This article explains how to do that on some of the most popular platforms: How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?

Were you using the Video Data Extender feature in the past? Unfortunately, the Video Data Extender was found to be causing issues for many customers so the feature was discontinued. Therefore, for now, the best way to optimize data usage when streaming video is to manually change the quality.

I will continue looking into your usage report to see if I find any more unusual consumption.



So my video streamed used up 30 GB from 9-11 last night since I haven’t streamed anything since 11 Pm last night.

And since I have no more high speed data now I’ll have to buy more??

@Maggie_Harrod Nacho is giving you 30 GBs to use while we figure out what is going on with your account. Do you see that you have this data available to use now?

Hi @Maggie_Harrod,

We discovered a bug in our system, it says that you bought 185 GBs of “Buy More” data in this billing cycle (since March 28), but that sounds incorrect, right? I am escalating the issue to the team that manages our system so that they can root-cause it. Until we can get that started I will hold off on adding any data (as Peter suggested) to your account.

However we do want to make sure you can use your internet without issues while the issue with your account is solved. I just ran a test from your modem and see good speeds at the moment - so I believe your experience should be ok until we hear back on our escalation (in a few hours, hopefully).



Thank you I am waiting to hear back

Hi @Maggie_Harrod,

Here is an update on your case:

  1. I was able to confirm that (at least based on our logs) you did purchase 185 GB of “Buy More” data in the current billing cycle. If you want to see it, I can send you a list (via private message) of the orders and the dates.

  2. I reconciled a few data sources and now can confidently say that you still have 25 GB left out of the last 30 GB you purchased last night.

  3. I took a deeper look and learned that most of your streaming is over Peacock and YouTube. What devices do you usually use for each of those platforms? We can use that info to do a bit more research to recommend how to best save data on each platform-device combination.

  4. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I credited the cost of the last 30 GBs you purchased last night. Your bill next month will reflect this credit, meaning that it will be less than the usual amount. You will still be able to use the 25 GB that remain of that data.

  5. Finally, while we continue troubleshooting, I will give your account an additional 30 GBs (free-of-charge).

In summary, you now have a remaining 55 GB of high-speed data.

Hopefully we’ll be able to give some more concrete recommendations by tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience,


Thank you for some reason it is still saying I have used all my high speed data and nothing will play when connected to the Wi-Fi.

Hi @Maggie_Harrod,

  1. You mean in the My Viasat app? I just double checked and you still have 42 GB of priority data. Unfortunately the Usage Data section on the My Viasat app doesn’t yet provide a comprehensive summary that includes Buy More data. But we have gotten a lot of feedback from customers and are already working to redesign the way in which data usage is summarized (graphs and statistics) to make it more useful and easier to understand.
  1. Given that you still have priority data available, that is concerning.
    • What device were you using?
    • Was the video buffering and never started?
    • Did the problem eventually get resolved, or does it persist throughout the day?

Thank you for your help troubleshooting,