Viasat collection agency error

Viasat referred a final bill to a collection agency that has been harassing me for the past year.

I was a satisfied customer for two years until the service was inoperable for over three weeks and the service tech did not show up for the repair appointment. So I discontinued service and disputed the bill with my credit card. Now I’m being harassed beyond belief.

The supposed debt was sold to three different collection agencies. I filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General regarding Viasat.

Your $220.33 bill includes:

  • Service that was inoperable between April 3 and April 27, 2022 ($177.68)
    -Service already paid through American Express ($42.65)

Shame on you Viasat.

Hi @lang3,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, my team does not deal with these kinds of issues directly so you will have to call Resurgent Capital Services at 1-888-665-0374.

Thank you,

Thank Cat. The unfortunate thing is that this was referred to a collection agency by viasat in error.
Can you please provide contact information for someone in executive management with whom I could communicate?

@lang3 we have escalated to our collections team to re-review it. Our team doesn’t have access to any other avenue for this unfortunately.

Thank you Peter, I appreciate any help you provide. The collection agency is trying to bill me for the entire final bill amount, a portion of which was already paid through American Express recurring payments and the rest which was successfully disputed because my ViaSat service was out for the final three weeks of the bill period.

Hello @lang3

As of this morning, our Collections team reviewed your account and have reversed your balance in collections.

Thank you,

Thank you Celeste I really appreciate your help after dealing with three different collection agencies over the past year.

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