Viasat $300 Gift Card Offer

Shortly after adding service I received an email stating I was eligible to receive a $300 Visa Gift Card.
All I had to do was complete 2 billing cycles and the redemption info would be sent to me.
The initial email contained a link to generate a code - which allowed me to check on my status.
I am now - what, a week away from my 4th bill - yet my status on the redemption site states I still haven’t made my 2nd payment.
I’ve called / chatted with Customer Support - who stated 6 weeks ago to check in a week.
Call - check next week.
Call - check next week.
Finally requested an escalation and assigned a case number. That was on January 13th.
Representative stated you will have a resolution in one week.
Call Jan 20th - …“hmmm…escalation cases take up to a month to resolve. Please wait for us to contact you”…
So - anyone else had a problem redeeming your $300 Visa Gift Card?

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Hi RealJohnGault,

We are very sorry for this situation you are experiencing. I have verified that the escalation you mentioned is, indeed, in progress. However, I’ll try to speed things up for you, and I’ll get back to you when we have any updates on the matter.


Thank you very much.

Hi John,

We are deeply sorry for how long this is taking. I’ve tried reaching out to the responsible team once more, as soon as they update us we will let you know.


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Thank you. This actually goes back all the way to before Dec 22nd - in that i checked the status after making 2nd payment. I can recall how many time Ive inquired - and how many different answers I have recieved.

My call on Jan 19th is when I requested an Escalation and a case number. Was told to call back in a week.

Call on Jan 26th Rep stated Escalated cases take up to a month to resolve.

Feb 4th - I needed to purchase an additional 30gb high speed data but was unable to complete through My Viasat. Hsd to call Cust Support. At that time I also inquirer about my escalation. I was told my Escalation had been Escalated - this time to Corporate - now adding another possible month to resolution.

Is almost comical.

I can log into the promotion website by generating the required code. After 3 payments made - the site still does not recognize 2nd payment being made. As well - site lists my plan as Choice 150 which I changed to Choice 300 late December.

At this point - all I would like is someone to acknowledge I will be recieving the $300 award. I hsve this sneaking feeling I will be told “that offer expired” or “Im sorry but there is nothing we can do” …a common phrase used by Viasat Cust Service Reps.

I do appreciate all your help. Thanks!

@RealJohnGault just letting you know that we will get to the bottom of this. Sorry again for your poor experience on this gift card. Hope to get you some solid information today.

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Hi @RealJohnGault the responsible team is already working to solve this one, they noticed that the payments (to make you eligible for the gift card) were made, but for some reason they don’t appear on the system we use to track them. We hope to have an update in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.