Very low speeds and unable to watch a movie

Unable to use service due to slow speeds.

Unable to connect TV to modem

Hi @Cathanwright,

Sorry about the slow reply. I just ran a test from your modem and I am seeing good speeds:

When you get a chance can you please use a laptop or Android phone to run a complete speed diagnosis using This will help us get a full reading on the speed situation and allow us to identify/rule out Wi-Fi issues.

You can find the instructions on how to run it here: How to run a complete speed diagnosis?


Here is the test I ran today. I ran one last night, can you see the speeds that were recorded then? I think the down load speed was in the single digits.?? I wish I took a photo. You can probably see how long I was able to watch a movie before it stopped. Maybe 15 minutes with it stoping to load every minute or two before completely shutting off.

Hi @Cathanwright ,

From what I can see, you were not logged in and you weren’t using the Viasat Browser (which if you only have an iPhone won’t be available), so we don’t have access to your tests. If you have any other device that can download the Viasat browser, it would be best to run it from that device while logged in to your my Viasat account, that way the speed check can run a complete diagnosis and we’ll have access to the results.

The speeds on your picture are good speeds and shouldn’t cause issues. Did you notice if when you have these kinds of speeds (around 50 or more) the issue also happens or does it only happen when your speeds are on the lower side, like last night as per your report?


Hi @Cathanwright

I ran a test on your modem just now and your speeds are great!

Your previous Device test result was also good - 50Mbps download and 5Mbps upload is consistent with your Choice 50Mbps plan :slight_smile:

However, your account seems to be struggling a bit with Signal Quality, which leads to Packet loss. This can cause a lot of web browsing to feel sluggish, and streaming videos can suffer a lot of buffering.

Do you recall any bad weather events recently?

Also, in which streaming platform were you having these issues? (ie Disney+, Netflix, HBO MAX, etc.)

We are out of state, it is with Amazon. We had some rain, that is all. I also didn’t realize that we wouldn’t get service if lots of people were watching movies at the same time.

Hi @Cathanwright

Thanks for the feedback.

When we last spoke, your account was also flagged for a “Weather Outage” warning, so that information makes sense. Rain and snow can greatly impact your connection.

You can access a more in-depth explanation of this issue here: What to know about weather and satellite internet - Viasat

Although your speeds were good previously, bad weather can affect your signal quality and create connection drops.

When you come back, could you check for us if you still experience this issue with Amazon? Your account is currently no longer showing up as “weather outage”, and your signal quality is better at this moment.

And also, could you verify for us please what streaming quality your Prime Video is set to? Given that this issue only happened with Amazon’s service, it could be that their video quality is set to the lowest (which could buffer terribly even if your connection is great, as it forces a slow speed).

You can do that using this guide: How to Adjust Video Quality in Amazon Prime on a PC