Usage issues consistent

So I have had Viasat for several years. In July of this year I switched my account to my name only and got a new satellite and modem. I also increased my data plan. Since then, my data usage has been through the roof! If anything, we are using far less data than we have in the past. Less movies, less streaming…etc. I’ve requested this issue be addressed several times to no avail. Like right now we haven’t watched ANY movies and very little phone usage but I’ve blown through 5gb already?? Something is up and customer service absolutely sucks!!!

Hi @hexbotanicals

I apologize for this experience you’re having with Viasat.

With your consent, may I take a look at your usage data and see what’s going on?

Yes you have my consent.

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Hi @hexbotanicals

Thanks! I’ve sent you a report on a private message thread. :slight_smile: