Upload speed nightmare

Download speeds are generally fine here and there for streaming videosaside from the 17mbps it is just now, but the upload speeds i get are 1.5 mbps on average and sometimes 2.9mbps if I’m lucky which makes it very hard to do anything remote work or even streaming to things like twitch which requires a minimum 3mbps.
I’ve attempted restarting the modem once when my computer kept getting disconnected from the internet even with an ethernet plugged in when trying to upload a file to google docs. it seems a little ridiculous.
I should be getting better speeds if I’m connected directly with an ethernet?

Hi @mekky ,

Generally, your internet via ethernet cable should be more stable and better overall. I’ve sent you direct message asking for additional information so I can give you a more precise answer.


Hi @mekky

I’ve identified two issues with your account.

1. Your usage is currently around 1500 GB – that is, over 1.5 Terabytes.

This is consistently more than a typical residential user on our network (currently usage trending to exceed 850 GB in any 30-day period). As your account is on the Unleashed plan, you currently have reduced priority during times of network congestion, resulting in slower speeds.

As this is not a technical issue, our Forum Engineers suggest contacting Customer Care (# 855-463-9333) for a more in-depth explanation of how the Unleashed plan works.

We also recommend signing up for our free Data Saver feature, to reduce data usage consistently. You can read more about the feature (and sign up) here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

2) Your setup is currently experiencing degraded signal quality due to an antenna mispoint.

You might want to consider attempting a self-repoint, following this guide: Can I repoint my Viasat antenna on my own?

If a self-repoint doesn’t sound viable, then we can look into scheduling a technician visit to repoint your antenna and improve your experience. You can also request a tech visit directly with Customer Care.

Hi @mekky

If your main usage is streaming, then we strongly recommend the Data Saver feature. Simple installs of Wi-Fi devices would not use up over 1.5 Terabyte of data, so most likely this is due to streaming or gaming usage (as you’ve mentioned Twitch as well).

We can run a report on the account’s usage history if you’d like – that way we’ll be able to pinpoint what applications used the most data, and if everything is correctly being counted.

Regarding the service call, I’m requesting one for you right now. The Field Operations team will get in touch using the phone number and/or email address associated with the account to schedule the tech visit.