Upload speed dropped to 0.2 sometime around Oct 19 2022

upload speed dropped to 0.2 sometime around Oct 19 20224; result unable to effectively connect to employer networks

Hi @kenrightmire ,

We’re sorry for the situation with your upload speeds. Could you kindly run an advanced speed check? The advanced speed check shows your device and modem speeds separately, as well as a few other bits of information that can help us better identify the issue. Here’s an article with detailed instructions on how to run it: How to run a speed test from my modem?


I think this should route to the results

I tried a second test and the modem test came back with an error message

Hi @kenrightmire ,

I believe the modem error might be due to the weird upload speeds you are getting. We’ll investigate what might be causing those and we’ll get back to you once we have any updates.

Meanwhile, please run a few more advanced checks at different periods of the day. If you encounter modem errors on them, please try again once to see if the error persists.


Hi Leo,
A service visit was actually done today and they replaced the modem.
The first speed test after the call was still very slow upload (0.4) but we will continue to run the advanced tests.

I admit I am tech challenged and don’t really understand factors that impair the upload so significantly in the satellite environment.
For example, do other users in the area strain the system capacity?

Hi, @kenrightmire,

We’ve made some changes to your network in order to improve your upload speeds.

It might take up to one hour (from now) for the changes to be applied. Please let us know if you see any improvements.


so far, so good
upload speeds are back in the 2.0 to 4.0 range.

Nice, thanks for the feedback, @kenrightmire.


I’m going to mark this topic as “solved”, just for the sake of organization here in the forum.

But if you find any other issues, please feel free to comment here or create a new topic.