Unleashed speeds super slow

Since moving to the ‘Unleashed’ plan, my speeds have been dismal. 6 mBps download, 6.7 upload on my last test. I’m curious if the dish has moved out of alignment. Can you check that?

Hi @csbgarrett

Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, I’ll investigate your dish alignment and also check if everything’s OK with the setup as a whole, and let you know what I find :wink:

Hi again @csbgarrett

I checked your account and it does not seem that you have any hardware issues or an antenna mispoint.

Did this issue start only after the Plan switch, or did you always have low speeds like that?

Also, I see that you have the add-on “Enhanced Wi-Fi” (which comes with the extra Router). Can you try disconnecting the ARIA Hitron Router, and see if the speeds get better using only the modem?

Your speeds seem to be fluctuating a lot, so it’s possible the Router is causing some bottleneck on the new plan:

PS: as a heads-up, I see that you ran a speedcheck.viasat.com today, but it seems to have used the wrong ISP/network: