Unknown device using data

We have an unknown device using data. To determine what it is we have:
Turned off our cell phones,
Unhooked the internet from Dish on the TV,
Turned off wifi AND turned off our computers.

We do not have a security system. We do not have smart appliances. Nothing else is using the wifi and yet this device still shows up on My Viasat using data. It has a MAC # but when i put it in multiple MAC finders it comes up valid but yet no device name. Like its secret.

I believe it is Viasat using my router to get its information and it is using my data to run its platform.

This only started after i upped my plan.

I have other complaints about Viasat. Very similar to those on this forum and other sites on the internet: slow speeds, wake up to multiple data usage while everything is off and we are asleep, rude customer service. Im going to take this one stressful agonizing complaint at a time.

Anyone have a mystery device with a MAC using data?

Hi @tervany , I apologize for the misunderstanding.

We’ll help you find out what’s going on with that MAC.

I’ve sent you a private message :email: , so we don’t expose your MAC addressess on the forum.

For public knowledge in case of similar issues –

The customer was able to kick out the unknown MAC address after a password change and modem reset.

Hi Nathalia
Cynthia again. I updated Viasat Shield app and it no longer does the following:

  1. Show devices offline,
  2. Show device usage. Scrolling down from the specific device it states, "Sorry, this device’s usage is currently unavailable.

It states this for each device. I unsubscribed and then subscribed again, but that did not help.

My roommate did not update her Shield app and it is still working correctly. I need this app to work correctly so that I can keep track of my device’s usage and to make sure that Mystery Device does not try to get back onto my wifi.

Your help would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi again @tervany !

I’ve escalated this bug to the Shield Support Team, and I’ll update you as soon as they reply.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you try uninstalling your Shield app and testing if the clean reinstall will fix that bug?

I’ve done that twice. It is the same.
Thank you!!

Hi again @tervany ,

I escalated the issue to both the Shield Support and also the Modem teams, it’s possible that the issue was due to the firmware version of your modem being quite old. It’s just been upgraded, so you may have noticed that it also rebooted a while ago – that was part of it.

Can you check Shield again and see if that has fixed the issue?

Yes, thank you. It is working now. So nice to know that you are out there for us.

Hi again @tervany

Thanks for the confirmation! You’re quite welcome. :smile:

If you need any additional assistance, let us know!