Unknown device using data

We have an unknown device using data. To determine what it is we have:
Turned off our cell phones,
Unhooked the internet from Dish on the TV,
Turned off wifi AND turned off our computers.

We do not have a security system. We do not have smart appliances. Nothing else is using the wifi and yet this device still shows up on My Viasat using data. It has a MAC # but when i put it in multiple MAC finders it comes up valid but yet no device name. Like its secret.

I believe it is Viasat using my router to get its information and it is using my data to run its platform.

This only started after i upped my plan.

I have other complaints about Viasat. Very similar to those on this forum and other sites on the internet: slow speeds, wake up to multiple data usage while everything is off and we are asleep, rude customer service. Im going to take this one stressful agonizing complaint at a time.

Anyone have a mystery device with a MAC using data?

Hi @tervany , I apologize for the misunderstanding.

We’ll help you find out what’s going on with that MAC.

I’ve sent you a private message :email: , so we don’t expose your MAC addressess on the forum.

For public knowledge in case of similar issues –

The customer was able to kick out the unknown MAC address after a password change and modem reset.