Unbelievable Data Usage

Cat. I bought 30 GB last night and you stated you gave me 30 yet My Viasat says I’m out of data? Only 60 GB added. I bought 60. You added 30. Should have had 90 ?

And we are still down - no connection.

Hi John,

Can you please check again now? You should see the 30 GB added.

Thank you,

also, when you say “no connection”, can you describe? We just ran a speedtest on your modem and saw good speeds:

Yes. Thanks and we just came back online since down from 745. No connection at all.

My Viasat still though indicates You have used all your High Speed Data though. However I’m getting 57 mbps down.

I ran diagnostic and error said contact Viasat but I think it was due to out of data. I just rebooted gateway and all devices. We use Firestick. To slow usage I’ve set resolution to 720 50hz. Lowest the setting will go. Still much higher than 4xx which we had with Data Saver.

If removing Data Saver is why I burned through data so fast - I don’t know what to do. We have an adult disabled son and internet is his only line to outside world. But we can’t afford $400 per month for data.

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See response to Cat. Back up now and getting 57 mbps down. Just burning thru data like Amazon brush fire


We noticed that your consumption increased as soon as Data Saver was disabled for sure. For that, does setting the video quality at the streaming service provider site work for you? We learned that when users configure video quality at the source, that there are less issues like pixelation and buffering that were associated with Data Saver for many customers. See How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?

I NEVER had a problem or a complaint about Data Saver.
And what was the resolution reduction - 480?
Last month I had 100GB remaining out of 500 with one day left before data reset.
Data Saver gone and I’ve burned through 500 in 24 days?
Yes - I’ve lowered resolution on my devices to 720 50hz - lowest possible.
That still doesn’t change the fact that we find out about this AFTER the fact.
Nor does it change the fact that the cost of data just went up.
I finally get the new plan in place and get 1 month of $300/month internet.

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So 720p resolution typically consumes 1.5 GB per hour. Is that what you are seeing now from that device?

As you suggested, Data Saver was shaping down to roughly 480p or standard definition, which Netflix says consumes up to 0.7 GB per hour. So, if you want to get that same video quality via manual configuration at Netflix, then you would set it to medium:

For convenience, the steps to do this are:

  1. Sign in to Netflix.com from a web browser.
  2. From the Who’s Watching? screen, click on your profile.
  3. From the upper right, place your cursor over your Profile then click Account.
  4. Under Profile & Parental Controls, click the profile you want to change.
  5. Next to Playback settings, click Change.
  6. Under Data usage per screen, click Medium, then Save.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I truly do appreciate the support.
Why was Data Saver removed?

We stream everything. 3 TVs although only 2 in at anytime. No cable TV.

Everything through Firesticks.
Amazon Prime and subscriptions through their service. Netflix a very small amount. An IPTV App for Network and local channels and some YouTube.

We came from Spectrum where $89/mo gave us unlimited high speed data at 200 mbps down. We have spent more than $2200 in data in past 5 mos.

Any chance of simply adding Data Saver back as an Option for the Customer?

Did you see the email that explained the change? It came with a link to this: https://geo.viasat.com/maximize-high-speed-data-vde.html. Does that help?

We are engineers and so can’t say anything beyond the email about adding features or removing them in the future but I will definitely share this forum topic including your preference to get Data Saver back with the product team.

Yes. And we have set resolution as low as possible on all devices.
Did your investigation find any reason for our data usage spike - other than removal of Data Extender?
This is a serious problem.
We use Visasat for All our communications.
500 GB plan is maximum we can afford.
We are on a fixed income with a disabled adult son. His Only activities are through his internet.
How do I make a formal inquiry or open a ticket to have this feature put back on our account?

Please advise

We also noticed some large 80 GB background downloads— but those were happening before Video Data Extender was disabled on April 1. We will private message you the details of those large downloads.

About getting Data Extender Re-enabled, I am working to find out the best way for you to make a formal inquiry.


Thank you.

Yes - last month we had 100 gb remaining with 2 days or so before renew of data allowance.
My son wanted to download a game so thats when we decided to use up the data we had left.

I know this inquiry started with my questioning big data chunks usages - right around the first of the month.
I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but it appears to be all related to the removal of the Data Saver function?
Can you run a query of our avg daily usage in GB for last month and before the Data Saver function was disabled -
and compare to Avg daily usage post Data Saver removal please?

Thank you for trying to find a solution.

Hi @RealJohnGault ,

I shared some updated with you over a direct message, but we are still looking into it.


@RealJohnGault Sorry for my slow response on this request for a formal inquiry channel but I would suggest sending an email to Viasat.Listens@viasat.com.

Yeah…I’m really hot mad about this…we need to go to the BBB…and make a report… evidently they’re not getting back with anyone…we need to be screaming from the rooftops… I have 300gb… where I’m at… that’s the highest… I can’t watch movies…and have to cut my tv time in half…let me know if you get anywhere with them

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Note for moderators - It looks like we are working @bigscratch2112’s issue in this other topic below:

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Seems like it would have been much easier to manage a group of cutomers that Did not like Data Saver to simply Turn It Off…instead of addressing Customers’ needs of high data usage Apres DS by multiple instructions for devices to reduce resolution - many which require adjusting Again after an Update to the stream service.

On April 1 my Data usage went sky high. I have the Gold 50 plan which is supposed to be 100 GB up to 50 Mbps. I have always had a difficult time making the data last through a month even with data extender. Now it is impossible to watch TV and get through half a month. Also I did several speed checks including Viasat’s that say my download speed is over 150 Mpbs. Is this part of the issue?? Another misunderstanding is you cannot adjust the data use with HULU for TV, that might work on mobile, not TV. Hulu has a site like this were customers are complaining and quoting Hulu because of that. I cannot afford to continue to pay for something I cannot use. Please help solve this problem.

Hi @David_Gruskin I created this new topic to troubleshoot your issue: High Data Usage