Unacceptable internet customer service sucks

I moved to an area and viasat was the user we chose for pa cyber kids need good internet. Its bad . Pay more money , its still bad . We moved . We was charged a disconnection few. We returned all equipment in the box . We are done . Nope 90 days later no call or email or text , they just take 265 bucks our of my account. I called they first said wrong tech problem give me refund. No refund . We called again they say we dont have device on roof sent back . Ok what ?? Im on a fixed income , handicapped and ypu want piece you put on my roof back. Charge me 265 , messing up all my bills :unamused:. I want my money back . The worst internet service and employees.

Hi, @Amanda_Voorhees,

Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we are not able to help much with account or billing issues here in the forum, here we’re more focused on technical issues.

I’m sorry for the bad experience you had. Please try calling the customer care line at 855-463-9333.

I was not able to find your account details using your email. I’ll send you a private message so you can share your account number with us.