Unable to maintain connection

My SB2 modem is unable to hold a connection, keeps trying to reset but gets hung on the bottom blue light, the 4th one. Has been having problems for 3 days but I attributed it to off and on heavy rain. Today is sunny so that’s not the reason. The modem is 10 years old so maybe it’s time has come for replacement. Just checked again and it has restarted the connection process. Already unplugged and replugged it.

Hello @pthibo75

Sorry for the slow reply. We’re currently investigating if there is an outage on your network segment, due to the bad weather recently.

These offline events seem to have started on January 26 as you mentioned, but I see that your modem has been having other drops from as far back as January 1st.

Have you noticed these other drops in connection? They should have lasted at most 15-20 minutes.

I’ve requested a tech visit for you due to these equipment issues, so the Field Team will call you at a later date to schedule this visit. :slight_smile:

Thanks, still happening. Had maybe 30 mins of up time yesterday, equipment still trying to connect this morning but unsuccessful.

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I did have other drops but that was usually around 2am and I figured it was network.

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Hello again @pthibo75

I see that your tech visit was completed successfully.

How has your connection been since then?

Back to normal now. Thank you

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