Unable to login to Pacific Life web site

If you get a blank screen after waiting a while when trying to login to https://bin.pacificlife.commloanservices.com/bi/

And the login never succeeds over the Viasat internet, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Right-click the page and select “Inspect”, which will open a frame like this:

    Click on the “Console” tab and check for any errors
  2. If there’s an error, it will look like this:

The presence of this error indicates that the website has a setting that fails if all libraries do not load within 10 seconds, you can read more about it here. Because there are so many modules to load, with geostationary Internet having such high latency, not all modules are loading in time and the error above (Error : Load timeout for modules ) is firing.

OBS. If there are no errors, please reply to this thread and we will help you troubleshoot from there

  1. Now we can start applying the workaround, which is a bit inconvenient. In your browser (either Viasat Browser or Chrome), right-click the page and click “Inspect” once more


  1. Go to “Console” again, and before you click “Log in”, copy the following lines of code

waitSeconds: 0

  1. Now click the “Log in” button and wait until the screen goes blank. When that happens, right-click the prompt in the console tab and choose “Paste”, then press “Enter”. Important: the text must be pasted within about 10 seconds after the screen goes blank.

After following these steps, the page should load normally.

We understand that this is a very convoluted workaround, but we always try to speak with the website in such cases so that we can work together to fix these issues!