This service is a total scam

This internet service is a total scam. Customer service is a joke. No one will help you. So much for being locked in for two years, I’ll be canceling my bank card this week - jokes on you :fu:t6:

Hi @erinn.kayyy

I’m sorry you’re having a bad experience with Viasat.

I see that this is the first time you’ve posted here on the Forum, so if you’re still willing to give us a second chance, the team here will be more than happy to troubleshoot your issues, if you’re having connectivity or usage problems, slow speeds, etc.

Just send us some details of what’s going on and we’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi @erinn.kayyy

I was able to find a call from you to Customer Care on February 17th, the date you posted here on the Forum, about gaming issues and wanting to access the router configurations.

As I see that you’re still an active customer with Viasat, I’d like to know if you still need any assistance regarding either of those queries.

As the representative from Customer Care explained, satellite internet is not ideal for gaming usage due to its geographical disadvantage of high latency (ping).

Your modem and its configurations, on the other hand, can be accessed using this short guide:

Logging into your Router Settings on a Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway Modem

To access the router interface:

  1. Type OR in your browser URL bar.

  2. Enter your modem username and password

If you have not previously created your own username and password, the modem credentials will be:
Username – admin
Password – the Admin Password or Key from the sticker on the bottom of the modem

  1. Click the Sign In button

I hope this is helpful information :wink: