Text messages and voicemail

Hello, is there anything that can be done about text messages and voicemails not coming through on Wi-Fi.? I do not have cell service at my home. Quite often when I get into cell range when leaving my house, I have messages pop up that were from a day or two prior, thank you.

We will look into this. What type of phone device do you use? Android or iPhone?

Hi Peter, my phone is an iPhone and my girlfriends phone is an android. Both are doing the same thing. Thanks.

Which carrier do you use? Do you know if it supports Wifi Calling? https://www.quora.com/Is-there-a-way-to-receive-SMS-non-iMessage-text-messages-on-iPhone-when-connected-to-WiFi-only-no-cellular-data

We use AT&T. WiFi calling works and we do get most of our texts and some of our voicemails.

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I see. So this is more of an occasional issue then? Mostly you get your voice mails and SMS but sometimes they do not get through?

Have you noticed when that happens?


I have not identified a trend. The last time it happened it was from the school notifying us of a closing. The message was sent the night before. Both voicemails and texts are hit and miss. Nothing consistent.

Ok we are going to do some research on this and also try to reproduce it in the lab. Might take a few days before we find anything but we’ll report back here.

@rs_cook @WhitingMS I know you both use Wifi Calling. Have you experienced this issue?

Only the delay other folks have mentioned. Overall it has been acceptable.

I don’t recall any issues with text messages or voice messages in regard to WiFi. The main issue I have is the latency which makes calls somewhat challenging even when it is near the minimum. I check my speed once or twice a day and almost never have latency less than 700 ms and 1 second and greater isn’t terribly unusual. I just did a Speedtest and got 771 ms. This is enough to make phone calls quite challenging.

@sawman.mcc which cellular provider are you using? I wonder if the issue is specific to Wifi Calling and that provider.

We are using AT&T With both phones.

@sawman.mcc got it, we’ll try to do some research on it and message back in this thread with any updates

Hi @sawman.mcc have you tried turning ON “airplane mode” in order to force Wi-Fi calling on your devices?

I found this issue listed in an AT&T forum, and they give that recommendation. Does it sounds similar to what you’ve been experiencing?

I will give that a try, thank you!

Hi @sawman.mcc, we were wondering if you had any updates? Thanks!


The jury is still out but it does seem to help. With a few more calls I will be able to confirm the trend. Thank you for the suggestion.


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Hi folks, Putting the phone in Airplane mode may help some but it is still not great. We can hear the caller just fine all the time but they have trouble hearing us some of the time. Airplane mode or not, there are times when the call goes great and times when they have a lot of trouble hearing us. I have not found a common denominator for that.

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That’s frustrating. We’d like to try to find the “common denominator” that causes it to sometimes not go well. A few questions: 1) when it goes badly, are there other users on the network? 2) any time of day correlation? And 3) when it goes badly, can you run a speedtest? Ideally, you would run these tests using https://speedcheck.viasat.com as it remembers your results history, which may allow us to figure out why the calls sometimes do not work well.

Just as a point of interest, I had a gentleman send me a text message about an appointment. He called me later that day as I had not responded to his text. I was at my house on Wi-Fi with my phone in airplane mode. Two days later, I left my house, switched my phone out of airplane mode and as soon as I had service, I received his text message from two days ago.

I was noticing that it seemed like the phone calls were having more trouble when it was heavy overcast but yesterday I was having trouble on a clear blue day so clouds do not appear to be a standard common denominator. I will continue keeping track of when service is good and when service is bad And let you know. I have not done the speed test. I will work on that.