Super slow speeds with ViaSat

Over the last several months I have upgraded my plan to try and capture improved speeds with both download and upload functions. I work from home and have constant connectivity issues while video chat platforms such Zoom. I am currently on the 100MBS/300Gbs plan and have done a few speed tests. The latest is showing download speeds of around 30mbs and upload speeds between 2 and 6 mbs. I am paying and extremely high rate for such poor service and would appreciate support in correcting this issue.

Hi @MKruer1

I apologize for this experience you’re having with Viasat.

Your modem speeds right now look good for the 100 Mbps plan (with a bit of fluctuation):

When you have time, can you please run a few tests using the guide below, to verify whether your devices are getting your full modem speeds?

  • You can download the Viasat Browser here:
  • After you install the browser, you need to be logged in on
    • To do that, click “Login” in the upper right corner of the menu, as indicated in the picture below.
    • The credentials for this login are the same as the ones you use for MyViasat.


When you run the tests from the Viasat browser, we can see “Speed from your device” and most importantly “Speed from your modem”, which is greatly useful to identify discrepancies in the speeds, such as in this example below:

I know this is a bit more cumbersome than just running a normal test, but the complete diagnosis helps us eliminate other factors.

:exclamation: The Modem Speed Test is currently not compatible with iPhone/iOS devices. If you don’t have an Android mobile device, please run the test on a computer.

I have run several tests and I am not getting the results that you are showing me.

Hi @MKruer1

I couldn’t find your result history for those tests. Did you run them over, while logged into the Viasat Browser?

Hi again @MKruer1

We’ve made some changes to your network configuration, which will take full effect in about an hour from now.

Could you run some new tests later, to check if the speeds have gotten better?

Thank you!

First, yes I have been running speed checks through the web portal. Every time I login it takes me to the speed test screen where I run the test

My first run this morning it came up a bit to just over 60mbs download and almost 5mbs upload.

Still nowhere close to the results your shared with me yesterday. Very dissatisfied with this device thus far.

Understood @MKruer1

Is it possible you’re running the tests on an iOS device? I still can’t see any results, sorry.

Do you recall whether the 60 Mbps download speed came from your device or your modem when you ran the test?

Also, the network change we configured in your account should already be in full effect, please let us know if you’re receiving higher speeds.

If possible, please attach or paste the results of the Device + Modem test here, so we can verify whether there is any Wi-Fi/distance/signal issue :slight_smile:

Thank you

I did run the tests from an iOS device.

Hi @MKruer1

The Modem Speed Test is currently not compatible with iPhone/iOS devices (including macOS).

Do you have any Android phones or Windows-based computers that you could use to run the test? Otherwise, we won’t be able to see any of your result history, and the modem test will never be captured for the cross-check between Modem VS Device Speeds.

I was able to download the Browser to my laptop and ran the speed test.

I can clearly see that according to your speed test on your browser my test results appear to be achieve the results that were advertised. Since I cannot disprove your results any other way at this time I will have no choice but to accept them for what they are, your results. Time will tell if your “adjustments” have had any impact on my ability to successfully use your platform and rest assured if it has not improved dramatically, you will hear from me again.

Regardless of what your test says I am not convinced that your service performs at the level it should, especially for the rates that I am paying. So many of us who live in rural areas are being charged such a high rate for satellite internet vs those who have fiber or cable and our speeds and reliability are so much worse. If we need to have internet service we are subject to what is available and with limited options you can charge what you like. It is absurd that we have to pay 5 – 6 times as much for nearly the same service (Speed) and are capped at such lower data caps nearly 1/3 of hardline connections. If I had other choice I would certainly be investigating them and as soon as other options become available I will be pursuing those options.