Super slow and seriously fluctuating speeds

I just recently had a change in my account that I was told would give me higher speeds. (I was also told the cost would be less and I am still not seeing that but maybe I need to spend more time looking.) The internet has seemed to be slow, so I did a test, not yours but the general speed test. It showed the speed to be less than 2. Terrible! I had noticed there was a test within your site so I tested there and got almost 80. Wow! I checked the generic site again and it was up to 47, so checked your site again and got 41, which is what I got on your site next. The upload speeds were fluctuating but good all the time.

Hi @esromjoy,

Did you run the advanced speed check? Please ensure that you’re logged in and using the Viasat browser when running the speed check on, so that we can have access to them and more pieces of information to investigate. Here’s an article with detailed information: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Regarding the changes, what were they? If you prefer them to not be publicly posted, you can tell me the about them over a direct message.