Streaming movies

I pay $166 a month for Viastat, and i am not able to watch certain streaming movies, it just buffers all the time

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Hi @Kay_Kennedy ,

We’re sorry for the issues with your streaming. Could you kindly run an advanced speed check? The advanced speed check shows your device and modem speeds separately, as well as a few other bits of information that can help us better identify the issue. Here’s an article with detailed instructions on how to run it: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Please also run a test from (this test will verify video speeds specifically) as soon as you finish running the Viasat Speed Check.

These two tests will provide us with some information that will help us investigate.


Hi @Kay_Kennedy,

I was revisiting your case and noticed that you recently changed your plan. I also ran a test from your modem and can see good speeds at this time:

So before closing your case I just wanted to check if the buffering issues persisted? We are happy to continue troubleshooting your issue.



Actually, I just noticed we have a conversation going via private messages, I will reply there. Thanks!