Streaming live services "Data saver"

I know awhile back ago it was mentioned that Philo Did not work correctly with the Data saver, I was wondering if it does now? Or if other live services do such as"Youtubetv, Directv Stream, Hulu,Sling, Ect"?

Asking cause I plan to drop Directv soon to cut back a ton of cost, And want to know before I pull the trigger on doing so!

Hi @Mannyrue !

Philo sadly doesn’t work well with Data Saver. :confused:

YoutubeTV and Hulu are supposed to be recognized normally by the feature, however I’m not sure about DirectTV and Sling.

If you’d like, you can use any of these apps for about 10-15 minutes and then we can check if your usage was much more than it was supposed to be at the current Data Saver rate. If the usage is normal by the “Video Quality vs GBs used” rate, then the apps are recognized… Otherwise, we can confirm which of them are still unsupported by Data Saver. :thinking:

Will have to see which ones have Free trials to use, Plan to try later this week, Leaning towards Philo due to the price point of it.

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Got it, as soon as you’re able to use the apps, let us know!

Also, if possible, please write down the specific hour (minutes not needed) when you use each app so we know what to look for :wink:

Will do! Also am thinking of trying Ooma phone service which is VOIP, So would attach to the modems phone line, Was wondering if that would eat up my Data if I went that route?

Hi @Mannyrue

Only the Viasat VOIP add-on (“Viasat Voice”) is not counted against the data allowance.

All other VOIP services (such as Ooma) do consume data normally.