Streaming is buffering

I went up to the package that has 100GB high speed data so I could try streaming movies and not worry about using up all my data. After using all my high speed data yesterday, streaming started buffering. Based on the info I read online and from customer service, I thought I would be able to stream a movie on the standard speed. Not pleased with this. How much data does streaming a movie use?

Hi @PSmith2014 ,

This depends on each streaming platform, but a rough estimate would be

Standard definition uses up to 0.3 GB per hour. High definition (720p) uses up to 1 GB per hour. Full HD (1080p) uses up to 3 GB per hour. UHD (4K) uses up to 7 GB per hour

Would you give us consent to look into your data usage to verify if there are any abnormalities?

Lastly, as we’ve notified customers by mail before, the Video Data Extender was turned off because it was causing problems for a part of our customers, so we recommend that for now, you should manually set up a lower resolution on each of your streaming platforms. This article can help you with this: How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?