Streaming Hub Inoperable

We have had the streaming hub for almost three months now and the hub has been replaced twice. With the hub connected it seems like we are using more data? I have spoken to numerous techs and some are more knowledgeable than others. Last tech I spoke to was on 18 Feb. 24 and after 30 to 45 minutes of troubleshooting, unplugging and plugging the hub and modem in the tech determined that the hub was not working and they would send another. Today is the 27th and no e-mail confirming a new hub is on the way. Does anyone have a streaming hub that actually works? Does Viasat even care about their customers? I have even received e-mails from Viasat stating “you hub is not working”, if they know there is a problem then why don’t do something about rectifying the problem. Guess I’ll give them a couple more days before calling again!

Hi @gronaldkirkland

I apologize for this experience.

Unfortunately, this behavior you described is coming from a recently found bug in our Stream Hubs. This is actively being worked on and we’re expecting a fix very soon.

For now, you can stream Disney+ without the hub on any device and we will not count that against your normal usage.

I’m sorry about the inconvenience :confused:

As it is, we have found that this bug also is showing customers the wrong usage numbers and leading customers to believe that they’re using normal high-speed data with the Stream Hub – but the usage remains correctly not counted against customers’ data.

With your permission, I can check your usage for the past two months and cross that with any Stream usage.

Thank you for the response and letting me know that there is a problem and it’s being worked on. Once the bug is fixed will you be sending out new hubs?

Hi @gronaldkirkland

The fix will be deployed to the software inside your Stream Hub, so it won’t have to be replaced. :slight_smile:

Hi @gronaldkirkland

The fix for the recent Disney+ bug has been officially rolled out to all customers. :tada:

Could you please test your Stream Hub again, and let us know if you still experience any issues?

Thank you!

Since the first oof March we have used 8.5 GB of data daily and is showing a total of 5.2 GB of data saved. Unsure when the fix was rolled out and data that was actually saved since the fix rolled out. I am still showing the streaming hub is not working on the Mt Viasat App.
Viasat Stream

Hub issue

So far you’ve saved 5.2 GBs of data during this usage cycle

Your Viasat Stream hub may be experiencing an issue.

Please make sure your hub is connected to your Viasat modem, and that you are not using VPN or Wi-Fi extenders.

Hi @gronaldkirkland

In theory, any data used while watching Disney+ before the fix was rolled out was not counted against your normal high-speed data allowance.

I will escalate to the Stream team to check if your fix was implemented properly.

PS – if you’d like, we can check what specific apps have been using your data, while we wait for the Stream team’s reply. That way we will know if Disney+ is counted against your recent usage :wink:

Yes, if you can do that it would be great.

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Hi @gronaldkirkland

Updates on your issue – it seems the fix was implemented successfully, but due to the Hub replacements, the system is still trying to show the status of the older Hubs and giving that error.

Unfortunately, the Hub will have to be replaced again for the new configuration to stick to a new one instead of the previous two.

May I use the shipping address associated with your account to send a new Stream Hub?

Yes, that will be fine.
Thank you,

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Hi @gronaldkirkland

As a side note, do you recall why the Hub was replaced the previous two times?

I tried to find that troubleshooting session you mentioned (Feb 18th or Feb 24th, the message was a bit confusing), but I can’t find any service calls or phonecalls around those days.

Was it a technician from Customer Care who did this troubleshooting with you?

We’d like to know the status of the previous Hubs to understand why they were also faulty. :slight_smile:

Yes I called tech support each time and went thru several unplug/plug in of the modem and streaming hub with them, and after each session they said the hub was bad and they sent us one.

Hi @gronaldkirkland

I need to double-check some information the Stream team passed on to me, but it’s all private data, so I’ll be sending you a private message in a few minutes :wink:

Hi @gronaldkirkland ,

We’ve received your information successfully and shared them with the Stream team, who are currently looking into your issue. Once we have any updates we’ll follow up with you here or via direct message.


Hi @gronaldkirkland ,

I was just informed that a new hub should be sent to you soon, but the delivery time might be affected by weather.


Thanks for the update sir.

Hi again @gronaldkirkland

I noticed that your new Hub was delivered on April 5th :tada:

Is it working normally now?