Streaming Box Issues

Has anyone had problems with the streaming box ViaSat offers?
Does anyone know why ViaSat does not recognize Hulu as part of Disney +?

Hi @gronaldkirkland

Do you mean the individual Hulu app, or do you currently use the Beta for the Disney+/Hulu merged app?

Using the Hulu Beta under

Hi @gronaldkirkland

Unfortunately, the Hulu/Disney+ Beta is very new (just launched this month), so the StreamON hub doesn’t yet recognize it as Disney+ usage.

We had planned to have more streaming providers on the program by 2024, so hopefully soon we’ll have an update for this new Bundle. :slight_smile:

If ViaSat does not recognize Hulu Beta under Disney +, does it recognize Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and Star Wars?

Hi @gronaldkirkland

We don’t yet offer support for the new bundled Disney+ app on Beta, but StreamON recognizes all usage inside the normal Disney+ app.

Hello again @gronaldkirkland

The StreamON hub now recognizes HULU content within the Disney+ app, when accessed with the “HULU Beta” option, like so: