Stood up no tech arrived

So after my first post of how poor my service is, I was promised a tech today after 5pm
No one here! So now I’m really mad!
Took my payment quickout of my account for service that’s not even working! I raced home from work to a No show!
This is unacceptable

Hi @Mgetridge,

I apologize profusely for this bad experience, I just submitted a request to schedule and expedite another tech visit.

In the system notes I see that the tech claims to have been at your door around 12:30pm. Unfortunately, I can’t see the original time that the appointment was scheduled for, but based on what you mentioned (visit scheduled for after 5pm) I am guessing the tech showed up earlier and just assumed you would be home - which is annoying.

I explained the situation to our field operations team, so I hope this feedback helps improve our processes.

Thanks for your patience,


Actually, looking at an internal note in the case we were previously working for you I found a screenshot indicating that your tech visit was scheduled for noon (12 PM).

Did you schedule it over the phone? Maybe there was a miscommunication :frowning:

It was scheduled for 5 or after on the phone with the representative. Repeated several times!

But the tech I just spoke to Just said they can only put it in for 2-5 and make a note to be at 5
Then he said he will be here 8-11
I had to tell him again NOOOOO.
5 or after. So maybe your reps can’t tell time

Were you able to reschedule it? I can’t see the new time on the system yet.

Once I see it there, I can add the note to emphasize that we need to complete this visit at 5 or a bit later.

This is absolutely not ok… I’m sure next week we will have to visit this bad experience again. No one listens. All I can give you credit for is all reps say Sorry at least but sure as heck can’t do more than that.

I see that your antenna is very mispointed, so if your antenna is at a safe-to-reach location I can recommend considering a self-repoint. You can find more information here: Can I repoint my Viasat antenna on my own?

If you think that could be an option please let me know and I can send you an Install Key.

Finally I want to apologize again, our Forum team is new and we are doing our best to identify issues we observe within our processes and technology so that they can be improved to impact the customer experience positively.

25th 5 pm is new date

I see it now, looks like the rep you talked to added a note: