Still waiting on return box

My account was terminated on June 20th. I recevied the return box for the equipment, but there was no were to put the StreamOn Hub for Disney. I called VIASAT and they said they would send a seperate box for the hub. I returned the main equipment according in the box provided, but I never received a rturn box for the hub. I then called on July 1 and they created a case number 10049415 and I was told they would send another box by July 5. Still no return box for the hub so I called again on July 8, and they could not find another box was sent or the reference number I was provided. They told me another box would be sent and I was provided reference number 10076195. Can someone clear this up? The other posts in the forum say to all, but that does not seem to be getting me anywhere. Thanks.

Hi @Jim3635a,

I was looking at the notes on your account history and noticed that the agent didn’t send out a second box when you called to ask about what to do with the Stream Hub (July 1). When you called again on July 7 it looks like the agent did create the order to send out a second box, so it should arrive in approximately 7 business days from then, so at some point next week.

Sorry about this issue. Please let us know if you don’t get it by the end of next week!



Hi again @Jim3635a

Did you successfully receive your return box?

Please let us know if you need any additional assistance with this issue.