Still no gift card

Ok. Waiting now since December.
Previous posts Administrators state will help resolve.
Calls to Customer Support go unanswered.
How do I contact Someone in a Supervisory or Management position at Viasat?

Hi @RealJohnGault,

This is indeed a super frustrating situation. I have already pushed for a faster resolution previously this week, and I’ll push once again. Immensely sorry for all the frustration this is causing and for the long delay!


Thank you. Either it has not reached the Right Person’s desk …or the person that has simply doesn’t care…
I do however Believe the Admins on this site are genuine in their concern and offers of assistance.

Sent a direct message to the customer to confirm their mailing address.

Thank you.
The card arrived today.
Post Mark on envelope April 1st.


I will also thank Admins on Support Forum

Best Regards

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Leo and others Admins that assisted.
Thank you!!

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