Speeds slowing lately

Our speeds have slowed lately, our technician when he installed last year told us we would probably need to have it re-aligned due to seasonal changes, how do we get a technician out to do that?

Hi @roubalrj ,

It seems like your antenna might not be misaligned.

To troubleshoot the issue accurately, could you please run a complete speed diagnosis using https://speedcheck.viasat.com? This will help us get a full reading on the speed situation and allow us to identify/rule out Wi-Fi issues.

Here are some instructions to run the test: How to run a speed test from my modem?

If it turns out that realignment is necessary, we can certainly arrange for a technician to visit. Let’s start with the internet test and take it from there.


Hi here’s the snip of our latest speed test, we’ve been doing those different times during the day/evening.
We have unplugged and rebooted the router/wi-fi, moved it to see if that would help and the speeds are still slow.

Hi @roubalrj ,

I’ve noticed that your modem speed is very good! However, your device is only utilizing about 24% of that speed.
It seems like the issue lies not with the modem itself, but rather with either the device or the distance separating them.
Were you distant from the modem when you ran this test?


Not really it’s one room from the TV & laptop, it’s in the same original location as when we first received service and we’ve only noticed a change in the past month, our TV is now lagging on any online activity we do, before it loaded quickly and didn’t interfere with streaming.

Hi @roubalrj

Do you use all your devices on the 5.0 Ghz network? Could you try running this same test, but on the 2.4 Ghz network (and preferably at the same spot you ran the last one)?

Your 2.4 Ghz network will be called something like “vsat-24-xxx”, instead of “vsat-5g-xxxx” like on the previous test.

Thank you!

This is from the same location, same laptop on the 2.4ghz

Hi @roubalrj ,

Would it be possible for you to run the speed check tests from another device (a cellphone, for example)? If so, please give it a try so we can better analyze the issue.

Meanwhile, you can also try connecting your device directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. Wired connections generally provide faster and more stable speeds compared to wireless connections. This would be a temporary solution until we find what is causing your slow speeds.


Ok I am getting very frustrated at this point, either you can fix it or not, my time is important too and this “well can you jump through this hoop now since we didn’t like what we saw with the last 3 tests” is getting old.
There is frost due to the area we live in, anyone knows frost will shift foundations, posts, ect.
Our Technician was very knowledgeable because of working/living in this area and told us at the time of installation that we would need to have the dish adjusted at minimum once to twice a year just due nature/weather.
So my question is do you want to fix our problem or not? Right now this is not making me feel real good about the customer service part of Viasat.
Can you schedule this or not?

Hi @roubalrj ,

I’m going to reach out to the field operations team to schedule a tech visit to check your equipment and find a solution to your problem. They will then reach out to you to find the best day for you to receive the service.

Thank you,

Thank you!!! The Technician was out today, adjusted our dish and we are back in business.
That was what we needed to be back to full speed!