Speeds slow after rain

Hi there

We have been getting heavy rain recently and while the system does stay connected it seems to provide slower speeds after the rain clears. Currently via Ookla it’s giving 0.97Mbps down and 5.00Mbps up.

If possible can you guys run a speedtest on the modem remotely as on my side it does not seem like a modem or dish alignment issue. I tried the Viasat browser but it’s not allowing me to run a speedtest the modem is bridged if that makes a difference.


Hi @bv1717

Your individual setup is healthy, but unfortunately your area is having a temporary weather outage. Multiple subscribers in your network segment are experiencing degraded signal quality.

Your modem seems to be one of those:

Our engineers are working to fix this as fast as possible, I’m sorry we couldn’t offer a short-term solution right now. :confused:

Interesting – speedcheck.viasat.com should work for the modem test regardless of whether you have an external router or the modem is in bridge mode.

Are you receiving a specific error message or does the test just time out?

So when running the Viasat speed check via the Viasat browser on macOS it does not find the modem. Device test runs fine since I am wired directly to my own router but it can’t run the modem test.

Is the surfbeam2+ supported? or is it only working with Viasat 2 modems since my area is still Viasat 1.

Hi @bv1717

The Modem Speed Test is currently not compatible with iPhone/iOS devices (including macOS).

Do you have any Android phones or Windows-based computers that you could use to run the test?