Speed slowed to nothing

Every night between 7 and 11 my download speed is horrible. As in .25mbps
I understand “slowing my speed” but this is ridiculous and unusable. As soon as I can get another service in my area this will be canceled. $100 a month and can’t even load social media or news websites.

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Hi @Nblack419711,

I see that you have been out of priority data since Oct 8, as a first step to troubleshoot this we will go ahead and add some extra data to your account (free-of-charge) so that we can test if this improves the speeds.



Hi @Nblack419711 ,

I’ve added 30 GB of extra data to your account, free of charge. Please ignore any email you receive saying you’ve purchased this data.

Could you please run another speed check when you have the chance?

Thank you,


This from tonight

Hi @Nblack419711 !

I’ve been running more tests on my side and our tools show good speeds from your modem during the day, so I need to ask you a favor:

Besides OOKLA’s speedtest.net, could you please run another few tests during the evening, but from the Viasat Browser, using https://speedcheck.viasat.com/ ?

When you’re logged in to the Browser, we can see both device speeds and modem speeds, like this:

That way, if there’s a big discrepancy, we’ll be able to find out the cause of your issue.

I’ve linked here the instructions for doing so, but you can reach out to us if you have any difficulty with the Browser or the process:

Thank you,