Speed reading poor

Hello. It is 8 pm and my ‘highspeed’ internet is testing at 11 ??? I sitting within 1 feet of my modem. Please help !

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Hi @kathy61344

Sorry about this experience you’re having :confused:
I’m taking a look at your setup right now to check if there’s any underlying issue.

In the meantime, could I trouble you to run another speedcheck.viasat.com test, but this time using the Viasat browser? This browser is not necessary for day-to-day use, so you can keep your normal browser, but it’s our tool to capture information from your modem. This way, when you run the speed tests, we can verify if the slow speeds are coming from your modem or if they are only becoming low once they reach your devices (indicative of a few different issues).

To clarify what I mean, right now my tools show good speeds on your modem:

… But if you run a device-only test, you may see a much smaller number.

When you have time, can you please run a few tests using the guide below?

  • You can download the Viasat Browser here: https://browser.viasat.com/.
  • After you install the browser, you need to be logged in on speedcheck.viasat.com.
    • To do that, click “Login” in the upper right corner of the menu, as indicated in the picture below.
    • The credentials for this login are the same as the ones you use for MyViasat.


When you run the tests from the Viasat browser, we can see “Speed from your device” and most importantly “Speed from your modem”, which is greatly useful to identify discrepancies in the speeds, such as in this example below:

I know this is a bit more cumbersome than just running a normal test, but the complete diagnosis helps us eliminate other factors.

:exclamation: The Modem Speed Test is currently not compatible with iPhone/iOS devices. If you don’t have an Android mobile device, please run the test on a computer.

Thank you!

Will do. My speeds are much better during the day than in the evening. I will run using the browser later today. Thank you!!

Hi @kathy61344

That’s good to know! :smiley:
You’re very welcome.

By the way, I forgot to ask, do you happen to know the approximate distance between the Modem and the device you used to run the previous test?

I can’t check whether that network was the 5.0Ghz or 2.4Ghz, but it’s worth noting that the 5.0Ghz network doesn’t have a great tolerance for long distances/corridors/walls, etc.

The 2.4Ghz network on the other hand has a good tolerance for obstacles, but tends to provide weaker speeds. I mention this because the experience (and tests) may differ depending on which network your device is accessing :slight_smile:

PS: You can check which network you’re using by its name – usually something like “vsat-24” or “vsat-5”.

I always use the 2.4! And when I ran it last night I was sitting right next to it. I did run it on my iPhone though.

Hi @kathy61344

Understood! When you’re so close to the modem, it’s more recommended to use the 5.0 Ghz network if possible, as it can achieve the highest speeds. :smiley:

Do you happen to have any other device besides the iPhone in which you could run the test? Unfortunately the modem test doesn’t currently work with iOS devices.

Yes. I’ll do it on my desktop.

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I ran a couple speed tests on the browser last night. Speeds all were low.
Thanks for any help.

Hi, @kathy61344,

I think that a better router can improve that situation.

You can see some recommendations in this post: What router do you use with your Viasat service?

I just ordered this - is it a good one?


Although if it is saying my modem itself is only getting 15 doesn’t that exclude a router issue?

I have nbever had a issue with TP-Link stuff, Not sure about this one tho, Looks like a mesh system?

Yes. Had great reviews on a number of sites.

Hi, @kathy61344,

That one seems good. Let me know when you have the new router, so we can set your modem in bridge mode.