Speed of 300 kbs at 4 a.m

I’ve been having this problem since Jan. After extensive troubleshooting and many calls I upgraded my plan and got a new modem. I installed it two weeks ago and had acceptable speeds of about 15-20 mbs during my main usage times (5 a.m. - 8 a.m.) Yesterday they vanished and I am back to 300 kbs. Which is obviously too slow. I can’t even send a text over iMessage.

I have exhausted the phone tech support options. Just trust me that every thing that can be done by their script and me on the phone has been done. This is not congestion, the modem has been synced, reset, restarted, I upgraded my plan, it’s not the weather, I got a new modem, reset the IP. I’m not calling any more.

  1. Speed of 75 kbs - 300 kbs during low congestion times
  2. Modem says no problem, satellite connection says no problem, speed stays ridiculously slow (yes, I am well within my data limits)

Things that might matter:

  1. It’s faster (1 Mbs) if I log into a VPN, which seems weird.
  2. The modem spends a LONG time blinking white and sometimes starts over during “network entry”
  3. There are dropped packets and difficulty with IP entry (I do not know what this means, but one of the tech calls said this)

Hi @user7 thanks for your detailed post, we’ll start taking a look into your issue. Hope to have an update soon.

Hi @user7, we escalated the issue and there appeared to be a packet loss issue, a fix was just pushed. I see better speeds on your modem now. Can you please run an advanced Speed Check and share your results with us when you get a chance?

You fixed it! Thank you very much, I will post here first thing next time I have a problem.


Not out of the woods yet. The team is still working on your network segment. We hope the real fix will get there soon. You might experience a short outage and some bad speeds still until it is fully resolved.

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Thank you, please let me know when it’s fixed permanently!

Any news on a fix or eta?

Thanks for checking back. There has been a huge effort around this issue – some of the top engineers working it – but at this point the team only knows that this problem is not one of the usual issues. We’re very sorry and will keep pushing internally to insure the team maintains a level of urgency since we know you are not having a good experience with such slow downloads.

Thank you, I’ll probably check back in a couple of days just because I’m hopeful. Thanks again for the prompt responses and your effort

Check as often as you like - it helps me to keep the pressure/urgency on the issue!

@user7 We don’t have full understanding of the issue yet but your speeds do appear to be better now. Have you seen that as well? Just checking back in.

Yes the speed was fine this morning, I was only online about 4 a.m. - 5 a.m. but held steady at about 16 mps. Hoping it’s fixed?

Hello, same problem has begun again! Thanks for looking into it

Oh no! We will take a look.

Hi @user7 thanks for reporting this issue. We escalated it to the same team of engineers that added the fix before and they have reopened the case. This seems to be a stubborn issue. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Since the last time you posted, have you seen any improvement?

I just got on and tested it this morning and it’s back to normal speeds, but all day yesterday it was doing the packet loss thing. I wish it could be truly fixed, I have live classes starting soon.

Hi @user7 it seems like it has been solved for now. If I have more details to share later I will do it here. Thanks for your help troubleshooting.

Nope, back to 410 kbs this morning.

Hi @user7,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention once more. Our personnel is aware that the issue has not been completely fixed yet, and they’re working very hard to find a solution. As Nacho said before, this is a stubborn issue, but we hope we can bring good news soon!


Hi @user7 have you noticed an improvement? Or has the issue persisted? I ran some speeds from your modem today, and the speeds look good.