Speed issues on 100GB service

Hi Nacho,
There is a dish service in Houghton Lake MI called NHS, I talked to them and they service Viasat equipment, he said they would be happy to come out and realign the dish, but they will charge me. The company you currently use is in Saginaw, MI which is 90 miles from my location, Is there any way you could have them do the work? Their number is (989) 202-4401

Hi @walleye_49329, I forwarded this info to our field services team, maybe they can ask this other Viasat dealer you found to complete the service order. You still didn’t receive a call to reschedule the appointment?

I was taking a look at your case, and according to our tools it seems like the mispoint on your antenna is intermittent, it comes and goes. So I’m thinking that the problem might be the pole that it is mounted on.



I have not heard anything from your field office team, no calls, no text, no voicemails. I realize this is not your fault, but this is terrible buisness practice, you guys can’t even get a service tech to respond to you, what does this say about your company, I am beyond annoyed with is, very crappy speeds, and NO tech support

Hi, @walleye_49329,

The field team tried to contact you yesterday but they could not reach you.

I sent you a DM for you to confirm the best telephone number to contact you, so we can proceed with the service.



What the hello is going on here? I was contacted by your field office on 06/12/2023 at 7:30 PM, to set up an appointment for today, between Noon and 3PM, guess what, its 5PM, NO SHOW, NO CALL AGAIN! I even contacted them TWICE today, once at Noon, and once at 3PM, they said, he will be there, NOPE. Its a good thing your not in the medical field, I would be dead! Get this fixed and I mean NOW! All of us in this area that use Viasat are beyond pissed and frustrated with your service, I have a strong feeling we are all going to Hughes, the hello with this.
Signed, Out of Patience

That is a bad experience. We are looking into this now to see if we can get any details.


It looks like our team is trying to reach the technician to find out what happened. I know its not helping you today but hope to have some information for you shortly.

I really don’t know what you are going to do, this is the second time your field office has been a no call, no show. Do you really think I trust them to show up a third time

Hi @walleye_49329 ,

I understand that the experience with this issue and the visits has been nothing but frustrating, and I am very sorry about that. We’re in contact with the responsible personnel and actively trying to expedite the process. Once again, I deeply apologize for this.


Hi Leo,
The tech finally showed up today to point the dish, I ran a speed test and here are the results

Hi @walleye_49329,

Thanks for the update, and once again we apologize that it took so long to get you a tech.

The speeds from your modem look much better. But there seems to be a big difference in the download speeds that you are getting on your laptop. Are you seeing this difference repeatedly? If yes, then it indicates an issue with the Wi-Fi signal. Were you located far from your Viasat modem?

Hi Nacho,
Yes I am repeatedly, My laptop is about 30 feet from the modem, the signal strength meter on my laptop and my phones show very strong signal, other than running a hard line to my laptop, is there any way to get better speeds?

Hi @walleye_49329,

30ft with no walls in between your laptop and the modem?

Could you please run one more test, but this time standing next to your modem? We just want to be 100% sure that the issue is the Wi-Fi.



Hi Nacho,
This is speed test was done 1 foot from the modem

Hi, @walleye_49329,

Thanks for the screenshot.

If possible, in order for you to have full speed on that device while we’re still troubleshooting the issue, I would recommend using a wired connection.

That issue might be related to the Wi-Fi (modem) or the device. Do you have other devices on which you can run the speed tests?

I’m also going to ask you on DM some information about that laptop, maybe there is something in the system configuration that might be reducing the usable bandwidth.

Solution: tech visit completed on 31 July. Speeds are back to normal.

I went to 10 different speed test, using my google browser, they came in around 50 to 60 on the download, and 4 to 5 on the upload, I then closed the google browser and used the Viasat browser, I went to the same ten speedtest sites and choose the same download location, they all came back the same as google, but when I used the Viasat browser to do a speed test, the speed test that is embedded on the viasat browser, I ran 4 speed test, none were over 22 download!

Hi, @walleye_49329,

Thanks very much for that feedback and for taking the time to test that.

That’s really a puzzle. We made another speed test page, and if you could help us test it we’d be very thankful.

I’m going to send more details in a DM.