Speed is too slow

I was told this internet was very reliable and fast. I work from home and it takes 10-15 seconds for an email to open. That’s not acceptable. I am the only one using the internet.
Also, it goes out everytime it rains. I missed more than 15 minutes of a company meeting.
I received an alert that I’ve used 70% of my high speed data. When, where, how?

Hi @Lisa_Anderson,

Could you please a full speed diagnosis using https://speedcheck.viasat.com/ and send us a screenshot of the result? That will help us get a good reading on your issue.

Here are some instructions to run this diagnosis: How to run a speed test from my modem?



Regarding the 2 other issues you mentioned:

  • Internet not working when it rains: Unfortunately satellite internet can be impacted by weather events. Do you remember a specific event (time and date) so that we can verify that the weather affected your internet experience?
  • Unexpected data usage: If you provide your consent, we can take a look at your data usage to identify any abnormal traffic and provide a recommendation. Is that ok with you?