Speed is below 40 down

Speed has been slow for 24 hours

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Hi, @axmans,

Thanks for your message. I’ll check that now, and once I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

Hi, @axmans,

When you have a chance, please run a modem speed test, as follows:

1 - Open the Viasat browserthis test won’t work on other browsers;
2 - Go to this website: Viasat Speed Check | Home
3 - Log in using your My Viasat account
4 - Run the tests (wait for both tests - modem and device - to complete)

By following those steps, I’ll be able to see the results and some other useful information about your modem. We’ll need that information to investigate the issue better.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your cooperation!


Hi, @axmans,

Speeds are looking better now. Are you still having issues?

I’m at work.
Won’t be home for 4 more hours

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Still horrible speeds

Hheip i need someone to help me

My speed test doesnt even register lol

Hi @cbevis63

Could you create a new topic please, with all the details of your issue?

You can use this link: Viasat Support Forum

Hi @axmans

Thanks for the results.

Do you have any non-Apple device from which you could run our full Speedcheck?

I see that you have the Viasat Browser installed, but unfortunately, the modem speed test doesn’t work with iOS devices. This way, we don’t know the difference between your device vs modem speeds.

Your last test for example is not that bad: your plan is set to a max of 50Mbps, and your download reached 32.3Mbps, so it’s within the range. However, this speed could be much lower than what your modem is receiving – if your modem for example was receiving the full 50Mbps at that given moment.

Good morning,
I do not have anything but apple devices
I was under the impression that my plan was to 90mb down
Streaming is painful
Videos on Facebook equally frustrating
Intsgaram videos don’t even load.

This was tested on 2 laptops, 1 iPad, and 1 phone

Hi @axmans

Your plan is currently “Choice 50/500” as of 08/07/2023.
That means 50Mbps of download speed and 500GB of data allowance monthly.

However, even 32Mbps should be high enough for streaming at high-quality, so there could be a Wi-Fi issue involved.

Are your devices usually very close to the modem, or in another room/floor?

Do you experience this buffering/slowness at a specific time of day, or all day long?

PS – @axmans

If you’ve recently asked to change your plan, please check with Customer Care, whenever you have some time, about when this change will go into effect.

As it is, our system still has you on that 50Mbps plan.